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North Vancouver


Vancouver retaining walls and excavation services -  Dig Yardscapes offers services in retaining wall construction and excavating for homeowners in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland including North Vancouver, West Vancouver  & Burnaby. 

About Dig Yardscapes

In a nutshell - retaining walls and excavation services in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and on Bowen Island is what we're about. But there's so much more...

Dig Yardscapes was born in the year 2010 when 2 friends, with a shared love of machines and do-it-yourself projects, realized that their particular skill set could be of use to the average homeowner. The "wow, you did this?" comments from friends and family struck a chord - hello Dig Yardscapes!

Dig Yardscapes is based out of North Vancouver & Bowen Island and offers its excavation, retaining wall installation and slope stability services throughout the North Shore (from Lions Bay to Deep Cove). Whether you're a homeowner with a crumbling wall, or just have some heavy duty ideas that go beyond standard landscaping, Dig Yardscapes has the machines and the manpower to make it happen. Give us a call today, and we'll dig you out of whatever hole you find yourself in.


Our knowledgeable crew has dealt with a diverse range of situations. With a finesse for hydraulic equipment, and plenty of experience in heavy-duty machinery and large-scale operations, our team is ready to take on any excavation or yardscape project your home needs.


Our team has a great deal of safety and first responder knowledge, through training and and hands-on work experience. Safety is at the top of our priority list. We always call property inspectors prior to starting any digging. This is the only way to know for sure where power lines, water lines, or gas lines may be buried underground.


Dig Yardscapes is committed to developing unique retaining walls and slope stability projects that offer solutions for all users and consumers, from commercial to residential installations. I guess you could call this our mission statement.

Some of the major customer outcries have been for:

  • Less expensive walls that maintain structural integrity
  • Block walls that don't look like block walls
  • Green walls
  • Bent wood walls
  • and repair solutions for current installations

At Dig we deal in creativity, not cookie cutter. No matter what you're dealing with on your property, we'll secure that thinking cap firmly and come up with options that are the best fit for you and the reality of your land and what you want out of it. From belaying down a majorly steep slope jack-hammer in hand, to using 300 feet of conveyer belts to get materials into an inacccessible (ha!) backyard, our resident mad scientist Derek doesn't let anything stump him.

Diggin' this approach? Get in touch with us today.

derek ing.jpg

Hey there! My name is Derek Ing and I’m the President and Owner of Dig Yardscapes. I started this company to help homeowners just like you tackle those hefty backyard projects that you just can’t do on your own. My team and I are here to help you with retaining walls, slope stability concerns, excavation and pretty much anything else you might need for your property.

I’ve worked in construction and concrete since I was a teenager, so I know my way around heavy-duty equipment and worksites. I’ve always been handy with tools and machinery, whether it’s fixing up cars or making my latest design vision a reality (I studied Industrial Design at Emily Carr University). I’m one of those people that’s artistic and creative while also totally logical and mathematically inclined. I love solving problems and take on challenges with gusto.

I especially love finding eco-friendly solutions to landscape needs. Trust me, I can build virtually anything – having me on your side is sure to be a bonus, especially if you’ve got a ‘not your typical backyard installation’ vision or requirement.

I’m so glad that you found Dig – we look forward to working with you!