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North Vancouver


Vancouver retaining walls and excavation services -  Dig Yardscapes offers services in retaining wall construction and excavating for homeowners in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland including North Vancouver, West Vancouver  & Burnaby. 


Dig This - Our blog about retaining walls, excavation and stuff.

The biggest challenge for homeowners in retaining wall construction

Derek Ing

This job in North Vancouver became a complete retaining wall reconstruction when we found the original wall was crackedIt's not getting the excavator into your property. (Our compact machine can get in anywhere)

It's not choosing the right retaining wall solution. (Our concrete block solution is hands-down the most reliable and permanent choice)

It's not picking the best retaining wall building crew. (Why it's the Dig boys of course!)

So what is the biggest challenge for you homeowners when it comes to retaining wall contruction and getting your project going?

It's the unknown. The things lurking below the surface. The extraneous variables.

What do we mean by this? Here are a couple of examples from some of our recent jobs:

  • One client had a clear vision in his mind of what he wanted for his retaining wall. Which was great, except in our initial research, we discovered that he lived in a zone red flagged for landslides in North Vancouver, and that to do what he wanted would involve much more budget than he anticipated. So, he had to be flexible in his vision.
  • Another client asked us to come in for retaining wall reinforcement and expansion. Once we started digging in though, we discovered that the original retaining wall was actually seriously cracked and would have to be completely replaced. Definitely an unforeseen circumstance - but at least the problem was discovered before the whole wall came down on someone's head!

So what's the solution? Unfortunately, until the job gets started and we get digging, there are no "for sures". Understand that our initial assessment is our best go at what you need, but that the scope and nature of the project may change as we get going. Being prepared for this possibility is half the battle, and in many cases, it won't even come into play. But don't worry, we will always communicate with you and look at the situation from all sides to find the best solution.

And for those of you out there thinking "Well, can't you just ignore the problem? I don't mind and I won't tell" - sorry to disappoint, but our answer is a resounding "No way". We stand by the integrity of our work and the safety and reliability of the retaining walls we construct. And anything, even if it seems small, that puts those walls in jeopardy will get our full attention. You can count on that.